The Salamanca Declaration is a joint statement by each of Tasmania’s major heads of Churches and Christian Networks and which affirms that all human life is sacred, that we are all endowed with the liberty to worship God and have our consciences informed by our faith in God, and that the marriage between a man and woman is the best home environment to raise children and to leave a legacy for our State.


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Charter Signatories, April 2013, to the declaration include –

The Most Reverend Adrian L. Doyle, A.M., D.D.
Catholic Archbishop of Hobart
Archbishop Adrian Doyle
Rt. Rev’d. John Harrower
Anglican Bishop of Tasmania
Bishop John Harrower
Rt. Rev. David Jones 
Moderator of The Presbyterian Church of Australia
Rev. David Jones, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Australia
Rev. John Smith
Superintendent of the Baptist Union of Tasmania
Rev. John Smith, Superintendent of the Baptist Union Tasmania
Dr. Andrew Corbett
The Acts 2 Alliance
Dr Andrew Corbett
Mr Eric Lockett
Baptist Union of Tasmania
Ps. Peter Shurley
President of The Australian Christian Churches in Tasmania
Ps. Richard Guy
Apostolic Church of Australia in Tasmania
Ps. Lucas Jacometti
Christian City Churches of Tasmania
Ps. Lucas Jacometti
Rev. Campbell Markham
Convener of Church and Nation Committee, Presbyterian Church of Tasmania
Ps. Greg Jones 
CRC (Pentecostal) Churches in Tasmania
Ps. James Garlick
Chairman of the Ministers’ Fellowship International, Tasmania
Commanding Officer, Major Richie Watson
District Commissioner of The Salvation Army, Tasmania
 Major Ritchie Watson

And the following significant Senior Church Leaders-

Rev. Will Briggs, Senior Associate Priest, St. David’s Cathedral, Hobart

Ps. Tim O’Neill, Senior Minister, New Directions Community Church, Launceston

Ps. Peter Hewitt, Senior Pastor, Free Life Christian Church, Launceston

Capt. Kevin Lumb, Corp Leader, Launceston Salvation Army Corp, Launceston

Ps. John DeBruyn, Senior Minister, The Rock Church, Penguin

Rev. Richard Humphrey, Dean, St. David’s Cathedral, Hobart

Signatories to The Salamanca Declaration

The Salamanca Declaration

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